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Art Academies

The Many Faces of Artistic Expression

Explore your inner-artist through fine arts courses and programs while studying in Saanich.

Focus on Fine Arts (FOFA) Program at Claremont

The one of a kind Focus on Fine Arts (FOFA) program at Claremont, offers a wealth of opportunities for students to deepen and display their knowledge and appreciation of the Fine Arts. Students can choose from a variety of disciplines such as dance, drama, stagecraft, music and visual arts.

Watch Our Video on the Claremont FOFA Program

Join a Musical Theatre Production at Parkland

There is a musical theatre production during semester one (Sept-Feb annually) at Parkland. As many as 90 students in all aspects of production can be involved including the orchestra for grade 10-12. Explore musical fine arts in concert band, guitar, jazz band, vocal music as well and/or beginner and advanced dance courses.

Jazz and Concert Band at Stelly's

Stelly's offers the largest jazz and concert band in Saanich Schools and the most dance course options. Beginner, intermediate, choreography, and performance dance could see you dancing your entire school year. If you like to dance Stelly's is your school.

Begin your journey to hundreds of opportunities and a lifetime of memories.