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Homestay Respite Application

Homestay Respite

Going Away Overnight?

Homestay Respite Arrangement Form

IIf you are planning to be away from home overnight, alternative arrangements will need to be made for your student(s). SISP students can not be left alone at home overnight without proper adult supervision under any circumstances, regardless of their age, level of maturity or trustworthiness. They are minors in our care, and legally require appropriate adult supervision. 

The Homestay Respite Form
Please submit the Homestay Respite Form (scroll down to complete) no later than 14 days before the date that respite is required, to give the Homestay Team enough time to make preparations if needed. If respite is required on short notice due to unforeseen circumstances, please complete the form and contact your Homestay Coordinator about the urgency of the request.
Supervising Adult
The supervising adult must be a person 25 years of age or older with valid Criminal Record Check (CRC) that has the vulnerable sector check. 
Options for Arranging Respite Care
  • Check if your student has an international friend in SISP they could stay with during your absence. This is often the easiest option and allows your student to stay with a family they know and that has already been vetted by SISP.
  • Your Homestay Coordinator can help you with finding a SISP Host Family that could host your student temporarily
  • You can arrange a supervising adult, such as a family member outside of your direct household, a trusted family friend, a neighbour, etc. Please note that if the supervising adult is not a SISP host family, they will need to request a Criminal Record Check.
Criminal Record Check for Supervising Adult
If you have arranged a supervising adult that is not a SISP host parent, this person will need to have a Criminal Record Check done through the Department of Justice. The Criminal Record Check can be requested via this link, using Access Code 8MC7PY29BC. An email will be received by the CRC applicant requesting the fee of $28.00 once the CRC has been done (payable on-line). 
Supervising adults who already have a CRC, can request to have their Clearance Letter shared with SISP via the same link.  SISP needs to receive a copy of the Clearance Letter from the Department of Justice directly before being able to approve the arrangement. SISP cannot accept copies of Clearance Letters sent directly by the host family or supervising adult. 
Approval from SISP
You are required to inform SISP of the arrangement of a supervising adult and get approval for this supervising adult from SISP.
Please note that SISP will require a copy of a valid Criminal Record Check for the adult that is supervising your student in your absence. CRCs will need to be done via the Department of Justice. SISP cannot accept copies of Clearance Letters that are sent to us directly by the host family or the supervising adult as per School Board policy.
I understand that if my student is staying with another SISP host family during my absence, the nightly rates for the homestay reimbursement will go to that family for the duration of the respite period..