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Stelly's School Information 

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International Students at Stelly’s feel that their school is “The People Place”.  They appreciate the “Diversity” that is the key element in the Stelly’s culture. 

International Students fit in well with the wide range of Stelly’s learners who enjoy a variety of academic courses and career preparation programs. 

Stelly’s Secondary School is located in the School District's picturesque central zone serving the residential communities of Brentwood Bay and Saanichton.

Stelly’s students enjoy a rich selection of required and elective courses in academics, community service, technical education, physical education and the arts.  Most Stelly’s grads pursue post-secondary education either at Universities, Colleges or Technical Programs.

Stelly’s houses the district’s Secondary French Immersion Program and is the only Saanich school to offer Japanese Language courses.  Its innovative, common science laboratory has become the model for many other schools in the province.  

A unique “Global Perspectives” program allows grade 11-12 students the opportunity to volunteer in the local community before embarking on an overseas project to assist in the construction of schools and orphanages in developing countries such as Haiti, Peru and Nepal.

Stelly’s grade 11-12 Physical Education courses offer outdoor education activities that include backpacking, camping, canoeing and mountain climbing.

The Culinary Arts Chef Training Program and the ultra-modern Machining Program are good examples of the advanced opportunities available in Technical Education at Stelly’s. 

A celebrated Musical Theatre program attracts many students interested in the performing arts. 

The most unique feature of Stelly’s is “The Boulders Climbing Gym”, a world class facility that provides training and practice in the modern sport of rock climbing. The Stelly's Climbing Academy is a Program of Choice that allows students the chance to integrate their special interest in climbing with the overall school curriculum.

The extracurricular program features many sports teams and interesting clubs.  Soccer, basketball, rugby and rowing are the high profile sports at Stelly's

The friendly atmosphere and wide range of opportunities make Stelly’s a favorite choice for Saanich International Students.