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Claremont International Students talk about the culture of support and the variety of extracurricular opportunities available to them.  

Claremont serves the south zone of Saanich School District, enrolling students from the attractive residential areas of Royal Oak, Cordova Bay and Prospect Lake. 

The full range of compulsory and elective courses prepare Claremont grads for post-secondary options in Universities, Colleges or Technical Schools.

In the elective areas, Claremont is well-known for its high quality Performing Arts Program housed in its Ridge Theatre.

Another unique feature is the Claremont Sports Institute (CSI), a “Program of Choice”  offering specialty training in Field Lacrosse, Rowing and Golf to any interested International Students. 

Senior Physical Education students may choose the outdoor education courses in grades 11 and 12 that offer wilderness backpacking trips on scenic Vancouver Island.

Claremont's other two Programs of Choice, the Pursuit of Excellence and the Institute for Global Solutions, attract students who choose to focus on these specialty areas within their overall course of studies. 

Claremont offers a wide range of school sports teams and clubs and is best known for its success in basketball, volleyball, soccer and rowing.

International Students feel welcome at Claremont and appreciate the many opportunities available for curricular and social growth.