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Location & Climate                                              

Saanich is a municipality on southern Vancouver Island with a population of 110,000. It is the largest municipality in Greater Victoria, home to 350,000 people. Victoria is the capital of British Columbia, Canada’s westernmost province that has a population of about 4.5 million. Saanich is about 15 minutes from Vancouver (2.4 million) by air, and about three hours by car/bus and ferry.


Victoria has mild, rainy winters and cool, dry summers. Daily temperatures rise above 30°C on an average of only one day per year and fall below –5°C on an average of only 2 nights per year. During winter, the average daily high and low temperatures are 8.2°C and 3.6°C, respectively. The summer months are equally mild, with an average high temperature of 19.6°C and low of 11.3°C.


Saanich is about 100 square kilometers and contains a variety of attractive urban and rural landscapes and communities. It thus offers the best of both city and country living. The sophisticated city of Victoria is right next door, yet within minutes of home you can enjoy the wonders of nature. Surrounded by the ocean, Saanich has a long  shoreline with many beautiful sandy beaches. It also has large natural parks for walking/hiking, several recreation/cultural activities centres, and two lakes for swimming, rowing, and fishing.